Youtube Latest Features 2018 – Must Read

Top 5 Latest You Tube Features Of 2018-Youtube Latest Features 2018 - Must Read

YouTube Latest Features in 2018 youtube is a video-sharing and video-streaming website. You can make the most of this site if you have control on its basics like resolution, subtitles, playback, and others.

Do you know that YouTube has been upgraded at the beginning of February 2018, and now it has five new features that you will love a lot! All these features are not just useful but will change your entire experience of using YouTube. At the present time, you can do the following things on YouTube, have a look:

 Youtube Latest  Features 2018:

1. Dark Mode

There is a new feature on YouTube which is known as the “Dark Mode”. Many people are not aware of it yet. This feature changes the interface of YouTube from white to black. After the introduction of Dark Mode in Windows 10, YouTube makers have introduced dark modes and dark themes.

When your YouTube interface will change from white to black then you will have a more cinematic feeling from it. Whether you are using Firefox or Chrome, you can use this feature easily. All you have to do is to follow these steps to enable the new YouTube interface:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign in from your account on the site
  2. Click on your profile icon which is present at the top right.
  3. Click on the Dark Theme
  4. You have to choose the Activate Dark Theme now.

2. Big Screen Interface

In the event that you want to watch YouTube on a big screen then you can use this feature. All you have to do is to use the big screen interface and go to the website By doing this, you will see that it is quite easy and simple to navigate.

In case you want to pair a device to your account of YouTube then you can make use of the said device. It will work exactly like a remote control for the playback.

3. Double Tap

Nowadays, people are more likely to use Smartphones more than PCs or laptops. In this case, when the Smartphone users start streaming Youtube then they have an issue of seeking back and forth on any video.

It is quite a frustrating thing for sure. BUT NOT ANYMORE! YouTube makers have introduced a new feature called “Double Tap” to overcome this issue. If you are using YouTube app latest version on your Android or iOS devices then you can use the double-tap feature.

Double Tap youtube feature 2018-Youtube Latest Features 2018 - Must ReadWhen you will double tap on the left side of the video, then the video will reverse by 10 seconds. In case you will double tap on the right side then the video will be forwarded by 10 seconds. However, it works only when you are watching the video in Full-Screen Mode.

4. Turn Videos into GIFs

Do you know that you can now turn the videos on YouTube into GIFs? Well, GIFs are the internet language. GIF is actually the video highlight.

At the present time, it is appropriate to use for the attention-lacking web. Due to this reason, YouTube had made it easy to convert any video into the GIF by just clicking a button.

Nevertheless, this button only works when the video creator has enabled the GIF creation. Many people assume that it is not a useful feature but it is, as it is so much that the regular memes.

5. Live Streams

YouTube has introduced the YouTube Live Stream feature. If you have subscribed to a verified channel than you can make the most of live stream till the channel is not flagged as live stream limited.

live stream youtube - Youtube Latest Features 2018 - Must ReadIn addition, YouTube added the simple capacity to use live streaming directly from the YouTube app on Smartphones.

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