What Difference Does Xbox one custom Controller Contribute to Daily Gaming Routine

Xbox one custom controller is an Xbox controller with specially designed skins applied to it. Many gamers play twelve to thirteen hours of games daily. Playing with the same product for the invaluable amount of time can make one irritated. Some players do develop an attachment to their controller. Some player even ends up buying new controller every month just to get different vibes from the controller. A custom controller doesn’t have new features it’s just a skin on the controller that can be removed at will. These controllers work in same way. They are only accepted quickly by the community. Due to their unique and custom design.

Xbox one custom Controller

What is different inside new Xbox one custom controller?

A new Xbox one custom controller design might not end up as one imagined. But the new look is satisfactory enough. There is a different feel than normal Xbox one controller. This motivates a gamer to dig right into the game. The new vibes may increase their gaming level to a certain point. A different analyst describes this a rush.  A rush can increase performance up to one hundred one percent but to a certain amount of time. The certain amount of time stays until gamers get used to controllers.

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How Microsoft new introduction of Xbox one custom controller was a success?

Microsoft introduced an Xbox one custom controller last year. This was an experiment on many scales was supported by man different third parties. The customized controller was a good build. The controller production was limited so few people were able to get their hands on the controller. The experiment turned out to be a great success on the gaming platform. Microsoft request inbox was full of orders for this particular controller build.

Later Microsoft decided to up their game and to enter the Xbox one custom controller market as a competitor. This was announced at E3. This was a huge announcement that brought joys for many and sorrow for the competitors. So Xbox Design Lab was established on an international scale. Design lab has to fill the shoes of Microsoft reputation and they did with flying color.

Why Design Lab for Xbox one custom controller was a Success?

This was a new domain for the Microsoft sub-platforms. A successful company doesn’t always work well for the sub-platforms. Xbox Design Lab was well thought through before establishing it. Instead of introducing new models. They gave the full control of customization in the hands of a gamer. Which was a bold move from many analyst points of view? The color theme could be infinitely designed.

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A gamer has a high level of IQ. His design would be different from normal people. Giving a fully customizable design Xbox one custom controller was impressive. Design Lab pulled this off with ease. From front to back all the controller joints could have different color altogether. Color themes for D-pad and thumbstick were amazing as before Design Lab only a few companies could pull this off.

What artistic expression does other Xbox one custom controller give?

The art originates from the designer who is designing the Xbox one custom controller. He can either create a masterpiece or design the controller based on already created a design by different people. The art has nothing to do with the coloring but it is all about the theme one imagines and creates. Custom controller is easy to create either using Design lab or any other vendor. Different designs are created and then those designs are advertised. A design can be adopted by many other gamers. Ease of use motivates various gamers to create their custom controllers. A large variety of colors is present. That enables truly amazing mixtures to create a perfecto.

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Before these design vendors, thumb stick was a common problem for all Xbox enthusiast. The thumbstick is used often and color starts to wear off. With custom controller color of thumb stick doesn’t come off. Special material is used for the thumb stick. The design of different skins can be troublesome if one doesn’t have an idea which color to apply on the Xbox controller. Color themes should be fairly sketched and planned before experimenting. Many designers spend hours on creating special designs which are appreciated in the market. The designer can set up their vendors by promoting their designer. The different designer has used this platform to earn by creating lavish designs and people purchasing those custom themed design controllers.

What are Pros of Xbox one Custom Controllers?

New Look

The new look from the old defined one gives a new unique theme for the games. They have to practice day and night while using the same old theme module. Consider these themes as spicy added to casual routine food. Spices adds flavor to the food. Themes are flavors to the daily gaming routine.

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Earning Opportunity

The different designer has the opportunity to advertise their design. As a design take a good amount of time and work. The designer gets a cut off the price when a Xbox one custom controller based on designer theme gets ordered. As every gamer doesn’t have the designing ability they can hire a designer to design for them. The designer needs to understand the demand of the market. Design shouldn’t be plagiarized otherwise community won’t accept the work.

Button Variety

Different variety of colors for buttons make the custom controller reach a new exclusive level. Only a few designer tweak with the buttons of the controllers. This is a difficult task and can get the design messed up. Those designs are being appreciated by the community which is induced with customs lights inside the buttons. These design has sparked new variation in the designing field.

After the careful evaluation Xbox, one custom controller is a blessing for the gamers which spends hours daily to reach the maximum level. This design helps them soothe in the daily fatigue of gaming with different variations.

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