WhatsApp Users – Pay Attention!

WhatsApp Users – Pay Attention!

WhatsApp Users – Pay Attention!

WhatsApp is an app which is getting popular day by day because of its awesome features. There are more than 20 million people around the world who are using WhatsApp. However, everything has positive and negative aspects.
There are three security threats present for Whats App users yet almost 80 percent of them are unaware of it. At the moment, we will tell you about these threats so that you can stay on the safe side. Have a look at the following:

  • Crash Messages

Some time ago, a person found that any person can crash other person’s instance of WhatsApp by just sending a 7MB message. When the other person will receive that message on WhatsApp than the app will start crashing every single time when other person will try to open the thread.

However, recently it was founded that now by just sending a 2KB message containing a set of special characters, WhatsApp will start crashing each time the other person tries to open the thread. The person will eventually have to delete the WhatsApp to solve this problem.

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Backing up a conversation or restoring a conversation would not be helpful to resolve the issue. This problem will not occur for WhatsApp individuals but also for WhatsApp groups. Each person in the group will have to face this issue.

Many people in the world are using WhatsApp for their business without knowing that it could be dangerous for their business. Still, there is no such work has been done to overcome this problem. Well, we hope that WhatsApp developers resolve this issue as soon as possible.Whatsapp Crash Messages

At the present time, you can use WhatsApp by way of a web interface. Some people across the world are now releasing some bad download links. These bad links look similar to the real WhatsApp clients. However, they will send you a load of malware. The labs of Kaspersky had discovered these download links in a variety of languages.
These links used to gather data from the downloader’s and then they release malware. Providentially, there is a solution to this problem which is quite simple. You will have to make sure that you are using official URL.
If you want to use the website app then go to the www.web.whatsapp.com. There is no such need to download any browser extension or app.

  • Spying on Other WhatsApp users

As we all know that WhatsApp has launched end to end encryption. However, the threat is still present. There are some ways that hackers can easily listen or see the conversations of anyone they want to. All they need to do is to use the mSpy app.

mSpy app is actually spying software which will send reports on calling, browsing, text messages etc. The hackers have to get the app onto the target person’s phone which takes a small period of time. You can avoid this problem by just getting aware of the apps you have installed.

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MAC spoofing is another dangerous method to listen or see the messages of a WhatsApp user. You can overcome this issue by just being conscious about your phone. There is no need to give your phone to someone else unless you know that the person will not cheat on you.Spying on Other WhatsApp users

Last Word

WhatsApp is no doubt a convenient app to use. You should not uninstall or stop using the app. We have informed you about the threats so that you can keep your information safe.

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Always keep in mind that you do not have to give your phone to the strangers at any cost; whether they ask you to make a call or do message. You might not know that what they will install in your phone. In addition, keep your phone lock all the time so that nobody could use it except you.

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