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Top 10 Social Media Tools – You Will Ever Need

Top 10 Social Media Tools - You Will Ever Need

Nothing could be time-consuming and much demanding than manually running any business.

When you have to do manually, you will spend lots of time without achieving in business.

Blogging has many branches, and all of these branches take some time to be perfect if you’re someone who values quality.

The main reason for successful people at internet marketing is that they have all their tasks systemized with best tools.
Social media marketing, for example, takes a lot of time. How can you possibly do all manually?

You need to constantly sit in front of a computer for sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and you also require to be monitoring your comments, follows, mentions and so on.

How do you manage all of this?

Nowadays, there are many tools on the internet that will take care of all tedious social media tasks and tremendously boost your social media engagement.

If you need to succeed in social media marketing, then pay attention to 10 social media tools.

TOP 10 Social Media Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement

1. Buffer

Buffer-Social-Media-app-Top 10 Social Media Tools


If you want to take your social media campaigns  to the greater height?

Then Buffer is the best choice for achieving that dream.

With the help of Buffer, you can schedule up to 2,000 social media posts by using their Business Plan. You can also analyze and access all activities generated by posts you’ve made.

You have also the right, to access up to half a dozen of your team members or staff.
A buffer is a great tool and you should start using this tool.

2. HowSociable


Like the name suggests, HowSociable is the tool to measure the popularity, any brand has online, based on the information from 33 social networking sites.

It’s the tool you can use to compare your own brand with other businesses in your niche.

HowSociable will enable you to find out what competitors are doing & how to easily overcome them.
I wish I discovered that amazing tool a long time ago.

3. Hootsuite

Social-Media-Marketing-with-Hootsuite-Top 10 Social Media Tools

HootSuite is the most popular social media tools in the internet marketing.

Like HootSuite, Buffer, this tool will help you instantly to connect with more than 34 most popular social media networks. With the one click, you can schedule your posts and images to your profiles on various social networking sites.

On Hootsuite’s online dashboard, you can easily analyze, collaborate, engage and integrate with your best content.

4. Post Planner


I have started using PostPlanner from almost 4 years back & it is one of my favorite apps for scheduling and engaging Facebook posts. You can use PostPlanner to discover the content & using SocialPilot to schedule posts and images.

With the advanced technology of Post Planner, you can discover, plan, and then post your ideal content for boosting your social media engagement in effective time.

5. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is the unique tool which can help you to increase your Twitter followers.

This tool has some amazing features like Copy Followers and Keyword Follow to help in growing your followers using keywords.

Crowdfire has also many other good features that will help you to manage your Twitter account like automated direct messaging for engagement with new users, unfollowing the non-followers and identifying specific influences.

6. Iconosquare


This tool will provide important metrics about your Instagram account.

By using this excellent tool, you can get a picture of likes received, average number of likes, most liked photo, growth chart of followers, and etc.

Just like Twitter, now you can send private messages and track lead-conversions.

Iconosquare really will assist you in enhancing your communication with your Instagram followers.

7. Pinterest Analytics


Everyone loves to know that how many people are seeing their pins, pinning from their website and clicking their content.
With this tool, you can easily see all these stats. With these metrics from the Pinterest profile, you can improve your pins and boards.

It also gives you an insight using the ‘Pin It’ button.

This tool will also show your highest-performing Pins of all time

8. Twitter Analytics


This is totally a free tool for measuring your Twitter Account statistics.

By using Twitter Analytics, you can easily measure and boost Twitter impact.

It also helps in making your all tweets more successful. This tool can track, how your Twitter Cards drive clicks and then get a true picture of the demographics, interest of your followers and location as well as how to increase the engagement of your tweets.

9. Social Mention


Do you want to know how many people are talking about you, your brand, or your products on social media?

Then SocialMention is the right tool to help you get what you need. This is a social media search and social media analytics tool which collects content generated by users in a single stream of information.

It enables you to keep an eye on social mentions on over a hundred social media sites to know how popular (or unpopular) you have become.

10. Feedly

Welcome-to-Feedly-Top 10 Social Media Tools

With the Feedly, you can stay connected, it informs you, what is happening in your social media networks.
It informed you from your competitor’s tweets, helping you to stay up to date with the information necessary for your growth.

Once you became a registered member, you will get access to updates and keyword alerts regarding changes in the blogs, publications, and YouTube channel you are following.

Best Social Media Tools Make Your Work More Efficient

These are the Top 10 best social media tools that will increase your engagement and save your time.
Sign up and try these tools today and watch social media engagement skyrocket!

Have you ever used any tools for a mentioned list? Share your thoughts with us in comments below!

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