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Top 10 e-commerce websites based on visitors

We are living in an e-commerce age and most of you having e-commerce sites selling your own products. So who are the biggest players in e-commerce world? Let’s have a look on the top 10 e-commerce websites based on visitors. Our Data is based on Alexa rank, who gives the approximate data of traffic at a website.

1. Amazon

Alexa traffic rank: 7


The Amazon was launched in 1995 as online books store. But they expanded to all other trendy products like electronics, DVD, and other ones. Now Amazon has nearly 1 lac employees. It’s said that Amazon has more than 250M unique visits monthly. Growth was really fast and acquired lots of companies.

2. Taobao

Alexa Traffic Rank: 12

taobaoTaobao is the biggest market place in the China. Taobao has 500 million users and more than 800 million products listed. It’s the World’s largest e-commerce website after the Amazon.

3. eBay

Alexa Traffic Rank: 26

EBay is American E-commerce Company started in late 1995. EBay is the oldest e-commerce websites and has operations all over the world. It was the first which introduce market place concept to the e-commerce shopping cart sites.

4. Tmall

Alexa Traffic Rank: 35


It’s the most popular online retail store in the China. Tmall was launched in 2008 by the same Taobao group and now operated by the Alibaba Group. Tmall has nearly 181 million registered buyers. According to the Alexa, it’s the 8th most popular site in China.

5. Alibaba

Alexa traffic rank: 71

Alibaba is a global version of the Chinese company and it’s the world’s largest business-to-business online trading platform for online small businesses. Alibaba Group owns Taobao and Tmall. Nearly have 80 million registered users.

6. Flipkart

Alexa traffic rank: 116


Flipkart is a leading e-commerce company in India started in 2007. Flipkart also started with books and then expanded to other products later, like Amazon. In fact, Flipkart makes the trend in India for online shopping. Flipkart stands in 10 most popular sites in India (in terms of the traffic). They implement Cash On the delivery system in India which really worked out.

7. Walmart

Alexa traffic rank: 140


Walmart is the American owned company and biggest retailer in the world. Walmart has different outlets all over the world. Anyone can also buy these products online from their website:

8. SnapDeal

Alexa traffic rank: 246


It’s one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India, they ships more than 26k products daily. It was started in 2010.

At the beginning, Snapdeal was mainly dealing (products for special offers) and Later on, it switched into complete e-commerce portal.

Ebay did invest in Snapdeal and got access to Snapdeal’s 20 million registered users. Snapdeal was at a 6th position few months before in this list but now dropped down to position 8.

Snapdeal had some negative issues, that might have been the main reason for their traffic drop.

9. BestBuy

Alexa Traffic Rank: 265

BestBuy is the American multinational consumer electronics corporation. BestBuy does have a massive collection of the Electronic Goods at cheap rates.

The global brand name of BestBuy (like Walmart) attracts visitors to their site.

10. Jabong

Alexa traffic rank: 267

Jabong is another Indian e-commerce site mainly dealing with lifestyle and fashion niche. It was started in 2012 and had rapid growth in India.

Jabong has the market place model as well as inventory model. Now Jabong has taken over the eBay in India in terms of the visitors or traffic.

Top 10 e-commerce websites based on visitors

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Almost all of these mentioned websites had an improvement in traffic except eBay. Snapdeal was at number 10 in the list before but now it’s now at number 6

And here are the keen observations about change in the traffic rank for these e-commerce sites.

  • E-commerce sites improved their traffic – every site in the above list improved their traffic, means people started to purchase online. E-commerce is growing! It’s Great news!
  • Increase in mobile traffic– Mobile traffic increased in these sites that mean people now prefer to buying products through mobiles, So, make your e-commerce site mobile friendly.
  • Indian sites got more popularity – Well, thanks to the Indian buyers! Sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart etc improved their traffic rank. Jabong improved its popularity and makes its position in top 10 e-commerce websites based on visitors.

This list about world’s top 10 e-commerce websites based on visitors prepared via the data collected from the Alexa.

What you think about this data and Which is your favorite e- commerce store?

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