Promote Android App Free – Awesome Tips

Promote Andriod App Free Android phones are currently ranked first in terms of the smartphone operating systems, cover more than half smartphones numbers around Global. So building apps for Android phones are the safe bet to make the good profit. Although some people do prefer for free apps than paid apps ones in android play market, if your app has some factors that make it more attractive and productive than other competitors, then it will sure to sell.

Promote Android App Free - Awesome Tips

Now, the major problem with the Android developers is that they are only techies and not a marketer. In order to advertise Android app and to find people to talk about some their products is not a piece of cake. Here we are sharing some working tips which you can use and create some buzz about your latest apps. Your app should be rock-solid; best marketing of products came with the word to mouth marketing.

1) Offer App install using Facebook ads

Best way to get installs is adopting paid mediums like Facebook ads. Facebook offers to promote for apps (Both iOS & Android), you can target your users based on some various factors like location, age, mobile OS and many more. And if you have your email list, you can also use that particular list to target your ads.  So start your Facebook ads page and start promotion.

2) Finish and Optimize your App

Before submitting your Android app to market, remember that your application is complete with the good interface. Never make any mistake for submitting partial apps. Submitting your partial app must lower your user’s ratings and will stop your plan and if the ratings of users are very good then Google’s play market algorithm will take your app higher. This is the best tricks to improve your app’s download count.

3) Submit to Multiple stores

You can submit your Android app in multiple stores and Google play store is most popular, Amazon App store is also good for submitting your app. Here are some of the popular app stores where you can submit the Android app. there you don’t need to build the app from scratch, only just marketing graphics size to matches to typical stores.


4) Make a Freemium app

This is the best way to attract people to download the premium apps. free apps get user attention and then it will tend or force users to buying add-ons or full version if they like the app. Or simply you can launch a free app with ads and promote the ads free with few advanced features in your premium versions. You can also launch your app free to first two weeks for user base and then you can upgrade app price. That promotion and marketing strategies will work most of the time.

reviews-Promote Android App Free - Awesome Tips

5) Promoting through Reviews

Without promotion, no one will buy your app. Marketing to your Android app is as important as creating one. best way to market your app is through the reviews and content. There are some review sites that are offering paid reviews. For paid choice, If you are targeting to specific android market, you can try some of them like or or any services depending on your budget.

some options:

6) Promoting through free content

there are some services who are offering free promotion like it’s a startup voting community ranks any apps submitted and If your app idea is really good, then it will at the front page of the site for a month if that app got enough votes. That site is a good choice if you have same apps for the different operating systems because they accept iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows apps as well. You can try this if you wanted to initial boost for app downloads.

7) Promote on YouTube

Make some YouTube videos that show how your app can be useful to entertain them. make the video with a better understanding and clarity, which is also worth sharing. when you are going to send an Email for your app to any bloggers for review of an app, send them your video link as well. This strategy will help bloggers for understanding and will help them to write reviews about your app. You will notice, your videos will be embedded with some review articles, which will create more awareness.

8) Get a gorgeous icon

Have you ever download any app without an icon. Well according to the app market, people always download those apps which have some attractive icons. and also Crappy icons blow your apps into the bottom and which indicates poor or unfinished app. So Optimize your app with beautiful icons.

9) Use social media

Social media is always useful for promotions. Submit your apps to the Social Networking sites like Reddit, Stumble upon etc. and if your apps deserve any attention, then you will get some better downloads. Don does not forget to submit to Reddit Android section here Android Reddit.

10) Press-release

Press Release is very helpful for advertising your apps. if you can manage or publish your apps into those PR agencies, which sends out their newsletters to Bloggers and Techies about their latest published Android apps, those lists are going to be very beneficial for your apps.

11) Advertise your App

If you developed a paid app, then you should keep a budget for promotion too. For attraction, Create a good landing page for the app and then put the promotional banner on the popular Android niche blogs. And if your budget is a constraint then you should always go ahead and do a soft promotion and make the route of Guest blogging. For buying promotions, you can contact webmasters and bloggers or you can go to the Buysellads marketplace and find your niche blogs.

Remember, it’s always a usability and quality of your apps, which grab their more attention. So, these are some ideas that Android developers can do to advertise their apps to the right audience.

 if you have something to share with us, let us know in your comments.

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