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Resources-For-iOS-App-DevelopersIf you iOS App Developers Following these sites & tools will help you in every phase from very beginning to the promotion and marketing phase. This takes a fair amount of the time for us to pull these resources together for you. Therefore, you should bookmark resource post for the later use.

If you iOS App Developers or if planning to develop one, you would check out these most useful resource for the iOS Publisher and developers. And you are welcome to suggests any further useful resource in comments section at end of this post.

Tools and resources for iOS Publishers & Developers

Prototype: Wireframe your app idea


This section is useful for you, if you are in planning stage of your app. These sites help you to make prototype for your iOS apps, which you can share with your team developers or members. It is a best way to turn your idea into the functional example. You can design prototype for one screen size, and these sites automatically will apply your designs for variety of screen sizes and types.

iOS app testing on cloud:


Once that initial version of your app mobile has been developed, you need it to test with select set of user. Official app stores like the iOS App Store and Google Play Store allows you to test apps, and if you are looking for the quick solutions, you can use to streams your mobile app from cloud to any mobile devices. So you can also think of as the streaming solutions for your mobile app. They offer one-week as a free trial, that is good enough to kick start iOS app testing.



It is a best tool for quickly test your iOS app’s compatibility with the multiple devices.

Creating iOS app screenshots:

iPhoneScreenshot Template:

Now you are all set to launch iOS apps at Apple App Store, you need various sizes of screenshots for iPad and iPhone. Here you can download Photoshop templates where, you can quickly edit to create screenshots for the iPhone. Check the Photoshop templates for iOS app and iPad icon templates.

iPhone Screenshots:

iOS-app-screenshot-all-devices is the web-based software used to create iPhone screenshots for Apple App Store. That makes it easier for to create screenshots for all popular iPhone devices. You can upload screenshots, and you can also search your existing iOS apps from Apple App Store.

Creating an iOS app demo video:


TechSmith AppShow:

Adding video demo to app store listing will help you to increase visibility of apps. One main requirement here is to make app demo videos with professional appearance.

TechSmith AppShow is app for the Mac OS, which allows you to create professional looking app videos demo in a few minutes, use it for Fiverr to get professional voice-over work done for app demo videos. You have also option to export videos directly to Camtasia software, and do further editing in videos from there.

Miscellaneous online tools and Softwares for iOS app developers:

App Review Monitor:


If you want to be notified whenever app gets review? Moreover, want to auto tweet five-star ratings of your iOS app? This App Review Monitor makes this all possible. You can also receive apps review by the email or using the Slack (which is another a great tool).

App Listing Rater:


App Listing Rater tool is a very useful once your app is at live. You can search there your published iOS apps and also see what you can do to your app’s listing for improvement. Consider this similar to the app store optimization.

Official App Analytics:


Official App Analytics is a free tool available for all iOS apps publishers. login to iTunes, Connect your account and see app’s analytics. The best part for this tool is that you don’t need to make changes to your apps to use official app analytics. Now, this tool is in beta, soon will be available to all iOS apps publishers.

These are most helpful resources and tools, curate for any iOS apps Publishers and developer. We will update this resource with some new information. Moreover, urge you to share you are using resources with us in comments below.

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