How do you solve a Rubix Cube? Yes you can do it

How to solve a Rubix cube

If you are interested to know the approaches on How to solve a Rubix cube? Then you will find many on the internet. All the ways you will find to solve Rubix will have different levels of difficulties. You will find beginners and speed cubers and also the most difficult one is to solve a cube blindfolded. Some people are able to solve only one side of the cube instantly. After that, they need some guide to solving it further. In this article, you are going to find an easy method to solve the Rubix as this method is for beginners.

Solving the Rubix Cube

Cube Terminology

Before coming to the question on How to solve a Rubix cube? First, we have to understand the terminology behind the cube. In this method, the cube will be divided into layers. You will be able to solve every layer of the cube with the help of a simple algorithm. You don’t have any need to mess up with pieces. The basic cube terminology consists of cube Notation. Let’s have a look on them. You will understand what different letters in the algorithm represent. Here are these letters.

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D = Down, B = Back, L = Left, U = Up, F = Front, and R = Right.

If you want to know how this method works you will also find many Cubic Solver Programs online. They will also guide you step by step. The software will also guide you if you get stuck in any step. You can also use a stopwatch to record the time in which you solve the cube.

Solving the Rubix Cube

Below you will find some steps about How to solve a Rubix cube? Pay attention so that you understand well and master in solving it soon.

Solving the White Cross

Here you are going to find out the answer to your question i.e. How to solve a Rubix cube? First, we are going to start with the white face. You have to make a white cross by paying more attention to the color of the piece that is in the center. This step is very simple and you will be able to do it quickly with some practice.

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The White Corners    

In this step, you have to arrange the corner pieces with white color. In this way, we will end up with the front face. You can do it easily without knowing much about the algorithm. You have to move the white corners where they have to be on the spot. If you have made a wrong move then you have to solve it out. The white corners will be adjusted by using one of the three algorithms.

Solving the Second Layer

The above two steps were simple. From this step, we are going to solve the cube with the help of an algorithm. Turn the completed white face to the bottom and start solving the first two layers. The two algorithms that we have to use here are symmetric. They are called F2L left and F2L right algorithms. Without destroying the white face you have to adjust the up-front piece in the middle layer of the cube. Apply the algorithm twice if you have made any wrong move.

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Making the Yellow Cross

Now we have to make the yellow cross at the upper side of the cube. No matter the pieces are in their final places because you will not ay attention to the colors of the pieces on the sides. Just you have to make a yellow cross on the top. Here you are able to make three patterns. The single algorithm that is used here will be F R U R’ U’ F’. You will apply this algorithm twice if you got a yellow L shape. If the yellow line is horizontal then you have to make some changes.

Making Yellow Edges

After you have adjusted the yellow cross on the top of the cube you have to bring the yellow pieces to the edges where you seem they have to be. You will switch the left and front yellow edges. Here you will follow the algorithm which is as below.

R U R U R U U R’ U. some time there is a situation when you have to apply this algorithm more than one time.

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Moving the Yellow Corners on Right Places

Now we are at a stage where only the corner pieces of the last layer are left unarranged. Try to get them to the right spot. You have to find one piece that is already in the right place. Move it in a pattern of right, front, and top corner. After that, you have to apply the algorithm. Before that, you have to rotate the three pieces that are on wrong place. Te algorithm is U R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L. In order to do an inverse rotation you have to apply this algorithm two times. If you saw that there is no yellow corner arranged in the right place then you have to apply this algorithm for one time. One of the yellow pieces will be arranged in the right place.

Adjusting Yellow Corners

At this stage, all the pieces are in the right spots. Only you have to make little effort to adjust the corners with yellow pieces. You have to hold the cube in such a way that the piece you want to adjust at first place should be on the front, top, and Right corner. After doing this perform the algorithm R’ D’ R D. do it two times or repeat it four times until you find that the specific piece is adjusted well. After doing this you will feel that you have destroyed the whole oriented cube but it is not so. Don’t worry about it. It will be organized again once the corners are oriented well.

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At this stage, you are too close to orient the whole cube so doesn’t make a single mistake. Never make any movement in the bottom two layers of the cube. You are simply done. This is all about How to solve a Rubix cube?

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