How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Hair

In order to find the evidence of drug, different tests are constructed. These tests include the saliva, blood, or urine test. When an individual takes a drug, it can easily be detected through certain tests. Now the technology is advanced and there is nothing which cannot be detected. The blood, saliva, hair or urine would depict the evidence of drug abuse from recent time. There is a different time limit for weed to reside in the particular body part, so an individual can avoid showing the evidence by knowing about that particular time limit. Hence, the most concerning question for the marijuana abusers is how long does weed stay in your hair? This question would be dealt in the underlying article.


Different weed tests

As the technology gets advanced, so many tests are available to test the drug abuse. Marijuana stays for a different time limit in the particular body parts.

  • How long does weed stay in your urine?

One of the most popular drug tests is urine test in which the weed stays for one to seven days. Those individual who take marijuana daily has weeds in his urine for about 7 to 100 days. Urine test basically detects the non-psychoactive marijuana metabolite that stays in the body with no impairing effects.

  • How long does weed stay in your blood?

The marijuana blood tests actually detect the THC in blood. This test shows the evidence of marijuana just 1 to 2 days after an individual take drug and 2 to 7 days for the regular users. Marijuana blood test is a bit more reliable than a urine test, as it revealed exactly whether or not an individual is taking marijuana.

  • how long does weed stay in your hair?

Hair tests are considered as the scariest test for the drug evidence, particularly for pot smokers. The ending of hairs of about 1.5 inches is trimmed and tested. These edges of hairs depict the consumption of marijuana since last 90 days. Body hairs usually hold more THC than the head hairs, so those hairs are recommended than the head ones. This test usually goes back around 3 months and makes the physician aware of the marijuana abuse since last 3 months. The THC or metabolites stay in the hair follicles for a longer period of time that allow an individual to get the positive result of a long-term drug abuse.

How actually the hair tests work?

The metabolites or THC actually binds to the hair follicles and the only thing that an individual can do about is to trim the hairs at least 1.5 inches. If an individual is taking drug from less than 3 months than a very small amount of metabolite is attached to it. However, if an individual is taking cigarette two or more times a day then a huge amount of THC metabolites are bind to the hair edges and it can easily be detected through hair testing.

It is said that human head hairs grow faster than the entire body hairs but this is not true. Actually, both of the hairs grow at the same rate but the body hairs stopped growing at a smaller length. Moreover, the older hairs are replaced by the newer one and this is the phase when no latest drug can be deposited at the hair.

For testing hair, 1.5-inch hairs are needed which are usually taken from the root of the hair. However, if 1.5-inch hair length is not available on the head than an individual could take the hairs from arms, legs, chest or even the beard.

Are these hair tests accurate?

Most of the time, such tests are used to find the evidence of metabolite in the body part. Urine, saliva, and blood tests usually do not indicate the accurate results but the hair tests can detect the metabolite concentration of up to 1ng/ml. This indicates that hair tests are the most accurate ones.
When an individual started smoking then the THC is continuously released from the body parts and it becomes extremely challenging to detect it in hairs. This is the reason that most of the marijuana users give negative results.

However, the hair test is still not fully reliable, as there could be some flaws left when conducting this test. This test usually detects cocaine or heroin.

Does the body hair show a longer period of drug or marijuana abuse?

This is a somewhat controversial point to indicate the exact pace of body hair growth. The human body is actually full of hairs but those hairs differ in size. Some of the hairs have too short length that is usually found on the back or arms. However, if an individual head hair is too small to use for marijuana test then hair from the other body parts could be taken to detect the presence of marijuana in the body. When hair reaches a dormant phase, then certain new drugs can be deposited and it can bind there for up to 4 months.

Moreover, there are certain labs which claim that body hairs can be deposited with drugs for about 12 months but there is no scientific evidence of such talk. However, those positive results would never indicate the exact dates of drugs.

Is it possible to beat a hair test?

This would be the most concerning area for the marijuana abusers or smokers. He would be searching for a way that could get him out of this trap. Well, this is quite impossible to personify the effect of marijuana on hair. The only option left for a smoker is to stop getting drugs at least 3 weeks prior to testing.

how long does weed stay in your hair can be detected through mass spectroscopy!

The exact time-limit for weed staying in the hair is not known. In order to test this, the mass spectroscopy is the appropriate technique to detect the presence of the drug. how long does weed stay in your hair is discussed in detail in the present article and an individual can get an idea of how long the weed stays in hair.

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