How long does Pot stay in your system

There are lots of drugs in the entire world and millions of people are addicted to those sorts of drugs. Pot is one such drug. It is the slang name of marijuana. Marijuana is basically greenish or a grayish mixture of dried leaves and flowers were taken from a marijuana plant. Marijuana is usually smoked in the form of cigarette or in a pipe. Some people add it to the food or take it with the tea. It has certain effects on the physical health of the people, so people are concerned about how long does it stay in a human body. Therefore, this article will discuss how long does pot stay in your system and what are its effects.

how long does pot stay in your system

Usually, the impact of smoking vanishes quickly yet the drug can be detected in the bloodstream for a longer period of time. Basically, how long it stays in the body depends on the how often an individual takes it. The basic ingredient of pot is Tetra hydro cannabinol or THC that enters into the blood stream of a body and stay there for about an hour if it ingested rather than a smoked. However, THC cannot be detected easily if smoked, as it is instantly metabolized into metabolites. THC formed about 70 different metabolites. It is stored in the body and eliminated with feces and urine.

Unfortunately, THC is believed to be extremely hydrophobic which means that it dissolves in the water quickly. Instead, it is stored in oils, alkanes or body fats. Moreover, the vital organs such as lungs, brain, liver, and heart have a higher concentration of THC stored than the other organs. THC would remain there for up to five weeks after the pot consumption. It means that it take a longer time before it is not detectable.

Effect of Pot

Pot has a great effect on the person’s health. It can make a person feel silly, happy, sleepy, and relaxed. Some of its effects are discussed below:

  • Short-term memory problem.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Increased risk of stroke.
  • Loss of personal identity sense.
  • Lower life satisfaction.
  • Antisocial behavior such as stealing money or lying.
  • Slow reaction time.
  • Problem with the muscle coordination.
  • Panic behavior.

The list goes on, as it severely affects the health of an individual.

Factors influencing how long does pot stay in your system

It does not matter whether an individual takes drugs regularly or infrequently. There are certain factors that influence how long the pot an individual smoke stays in the system. Following are the factors that an individual should consider before encountering a drug test.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration level

Usually, the more an individual take the pot, the more he will expose to THC and will take it. This, in turn would stay for a longer period in the system. But the quantity of a THC in a single cigarette also matters. Sometimes, a small amount of pot has a higher concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol and it will keep the metabolites remain active for hours.

  • Duration and frequency

If an individual smoke regularly and he is doing this for years, then a significant amount of THC will be built in the system. Moreover, if an individual is not taking pot for years but now he takes it regularly then it would also be detectable, as a larger concentration of metabolites will be produced in the system.

  • Way of consumption

If an individual smokes the pot, then the level of THC would drop sharply in the blood. However, it is ingested, then immediately the THC level would enhance and it would easily be detected for a longer period of time, as it would metabolize slowly.

  • Differences in metabolism

Some people metabolize faster than the others. Those who did it quickly are safe with respect to the drug tests if they are taking any sorts of drugs. For instance, an individual is addicted to pot but his metabolism is very fast, so he would eliminate the THC faster with feces and urine.

  • Body weight

Every individual has different body weight, as the percentage of fat varies. If an individual has above average body weight then the fat level would also be high so THC will take longer to leave the system.

  • Prescribed drugs or health supplements

Some substances usually minimize the metabolic activity while others enhance its activity. If an individual is taking any sort of prescribed drugs or health supplements then he should look at the ingredients whether they will slow down the metabolism or make it faster. If it slows down the metabolic process, then THC metabolism would also be slow down.

  • Entire health

The overall health of an individual would also have a significant effect on the metabolism process. If an individual do exercise daily or he is having a healthy diet and enough sleep, then the metabolism process would be faster. However, if an individual takes the stress, then the body would also not function well.

Hence, it can be seen that there are certain factors that are responsible for the individual differences on the eliminating the THC level. The level of THC in the blood fall immediately but it still remains in the body fats, so it can be detected easily. Moreover, it takes longer time for the metabolites to enter into the blood stream where they are eliminated from the body through urine and feces.

There are certain drug tests that are used for detected how long does pot stay in your system. The evidence of pot can be seen in the urine, body fluid, and even hair. Some tests easily detect the pot in the blood stream while other needs a thorough examination that takes months. Moreover, some tests determine whether an individual is taking pot currently or he is using it for many years. THC is usually detectable in urine, saliva, blood, and hair for a longer period of time.

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