6 Best Email List Building Strategies with Social Media

Have you ever tried the email list building techniques but not get to generate a good subscription base for your website or blog? And are you searching for the best ways to grow email list? Or you are new in internet market and wanted to know how to built email addresses for your email marketing in effective ways?


If answer is ‘YES’, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss about best proven ways to grow Email Marketing Services with social Networking sites. No matter what kind of business you are running, you must have subscribers for blogs or websites, to earn some good bucks at the internet.

Why do you need to make your Email List?

Do you know that email marketing database degrades on a rate of about to 22.5% every year?  Reasons may be several – contacts are being changing their old email address, unsubscribing from email communications or switching companies, and many such.

Whatever is the reason, as a good online marketer, you have to add fresh contacts or emails to your email campaigns on continuous basis, so that your email list keeps on increasing.After you start your blog or website and having some great resource/content which you think to use for other people or researchers, then your next step should be to build a list of emails or contacts for your services/products in the future. So here we will discuss all Email Marketing Best Practices that helps us to create a strong email list

Now as you already know why you have to building your email list, let’s find out most effective and right method to grow your email lists.

How to Grow Your Email List with Social Networking Sites

If you have a good social presence and much number of fans in your social networking sites. Though you can certainly push deals through social pages, but still some people prefer to get permission-base offers through their email marketing.

Make sure you gave benefits through your top social media sites.  By using that way you can switch your current social media fans into email subscribers, they will be your potential customers. So don’t discouraged with the existing subscribers’ count them and start practicing simple tactics.

  • Add Call-to-Action button to your Social Pages/Profiles

Add Call-to-Action button at top of your Face book business Page and link that CTA button to sign-up form. On other social sites for example Google+ and Twitter, you can put in a shortened link to sign up form in Bio/Profile section as they don’t gave permission hosting of any landing pages.

  • Create Contests,  Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Using the sweepstakes, giveaways and contests on social Networking platforms will be a great approach to build your list. That promotion strategy will help you to create your fan base with boosting the list of your email subscribers.

You can also use Face book apps for giveaways and contests, but make sure of that you opt those apps which comprises of sign up forms to enter the contests. Also keep in mind to promote the giveaways on all social media platforms to attract additional audience.

  • Advertising on Twitter and Facebook

Another best technique to increase your subscriptions list is from online advertising on Twitter and Face book. You can also create ads on Face book that target that exact people based on their page likings.

With the Twitter you can easily send tailored tweets to community based on their geographic locations. By using Paid advertisements at social media platforms will helps you to reach a massive number of potential audience who may not be aware of your services or Product.

  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter cards are sort of more wide tweets created by the attention of simple Call to Action buttons, grabbing images and text descriptions of list value after someone signs up.

Lead Generation Cards are just available to accounts those having promotion facility and can that consists of higher than of 140 characters. You also can use Twitter Lead Generation campaigns to advertise content like any freebie or some eBooks and at same time get customers’ information.

  • Generate Pinterest offers

To target the micro niche audience, Pinterest is one of the best places. Statistics shows that 28.1% of Pinterest users earn huge amount of money per year. Pinterest allows you to advertise any content like your blog Video, posts, videos or Offers & deals.

Use that social site to advertise your exclusive content that requires email sign up. Include with interesting picture which contain of link to actual sites. This will tempt user to click through that images and as well as associated link.

  • Use Google+ Pages

Advertise email sign-up from Google+ updates. Use your Google+ about section to know people about your offers and deals. You can also use Google+ Hangouts to organize the Interviews, meetings or other customer interactions.

Earning money online is not easy job. It requires your dedication and consistency. To be a good internet marketer, you must have growing list of email subscribers.  Make sure that you must try every possible feature to increase your mailing list. Above Techniques are not difficult to apply, its effective to amplify the rate of new subscriptions. These tips will help you to grow your email database by approach people who already fan of you on social sites. But you don’t bore your social followers or fans; otherwise you may be losing your existing fans.

In the market there are plenty of Email Marketing Software who makes email but they are doing spams.Avoid them and work with clean hand.

So are you getting any of these email list building strategies? Or you have any other tips to grow your email list with social networking sites? Then please feel free to share your approaches and techniques you have already applied to your blogs or websites and have seen a considerable improvement in the subscription rate.

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