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Enjoy Dual WhatsApp in One Android Device

Do you have more than one number? Are you using dual sim Smartphone? Well, if so, then it will be
difficult for you to choose one number for WhatsApp. You might have one official number and one
number for just a few friends and family members.

It is a tough decision to choose only one number to make a WhatsApp account as only, 1 WhatsApp app
can be installed on one Smartphone. BUT HOLD ON A SECOND! The time has changed! You can now use dual WhatsApp on one android device!

Dual sim android devices are getting popular because they have two sim slots so that people can use
two networks at a time. This theory also applies to the GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is an advanced
version of WhatsApp.
It is available for free over the internet, but it is not present on Google PlayStore. However, it cannot be
used on iOS devices. So, if you want to use it, you can download and install it for free on your android

Features of GBWhatsApp:

You must be wondering that why GBWhatsApp is called the advanced version of WhatsApp. Well,
features of GBWhatsApp go beyond the regular features of WhatsApp.
You can use numerous tricks on the advanced version to make your conversations more appealing and
enjoyable. There are numerous features offered by this app. Have a look:
• On a regular WhatsApp, you can only broadcast 250 users. But on the GBWhatsApp, you can
broadcast more than 500 users.
• You can hide your last seen on GBWhatsApp. However, you can easily view the last seen of other
users and last activity time too. These two things will not get affected like official WhatsApp.
• You can make use of diverse personalized themes onto your WhatsApp dashboard along with chat
• Now you can easily send data up to 30 MB via GBWhatsApp. You are not limited to 16MB data.
• You can easily make use of 240 character quotes on this app. It is two times better than the official
• If you want to personalize the app from the icons to the notifications, then you can do this in
• You can easily check out the recent activity of the other WhatsApp users all at once hiding your
• In case you want to hide your important notifications, then you can do it in GBWhatsApp.
All of the above are the main features of GBWhatsApp. It has much more to offer! The best part about
this app is you can use Whatsapp applications on 1 Android smartphone.

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How To Install The GBWhatsApp:

Installing the GBWhatsApp is not a tough task at all. All you have to do is to go through the guide
present over the internet. Or else, you can view the following steps:

1. Download the APK file from the internet.
2. Move the APK file to your cell phone.
3. Go to the “Settings” option then choose Application > Tap on Unknown sources. You can also tap on
the app so that you can directly go to the “Settings” option.
4. Install the app.
5. When it is installed, you have to tap on “Open.”
6. In case you have WhatsApp active version on your phone then you have to tap on the “Agree and
Continue.” You are done.
Always remember that you can use this app on all your android devices either Smartphone or tablet.
When you have followed the procedure, then you can go back to the settings and deselect the
“unknown sources.” It is to ensure that you are not permitting other market apps to install in secret.

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