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Computer Network Scanner 2018

Network scanning implies to use the network of the computer to collect information related to the
computing systems. It is used for the system maintenance along with security evaluation. Also, it is used
for performing attacks by the hackers.

Network scanning is an imperative part of network security. The network security administrator can
make use of it. There are two scanners present in the network scanning, i.e., vulnerability scanner and
port scanner.

computer scanner 2018

Computer Scanner 2018

Many network scanners are readily available for use. However, there are only four that are ranked up
high in the list of 2018 network scanners. They are mentioned below, have a look:

 Nexpose -best scanner

1) Nexpose
If you are looking for remarkable vulnerability evaluation tools, then you should go for Nexpose. The
community edition is free of cost program. However, the other versions are paid ones. The version of
Nexpose called Rapid7 Nexpose is a scanner that supports the management lifecycle of vulnerability.
It includes the verification, impact analysis, detection, discovery, risk classification, mitigation as well as
reporting. It also works well with the Rapid7’s Metasploit for the exploitation of the vulnerability.

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2) Netsparker Application Security Scanner

It is the top best scanner which finds and reports all the vulnerabilities regarding web application. It
includes Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection on all sorts of web apps, despite technology from
which they are developed.
Netsparker is nothing but an exceptional Proof-Based Scanning Technology. It generates a Proof of
Concept to ensure the reports are right or not. There are mainly 2 versions of this scanner available in
the market. These are following:

a) Netsparker Desktop Scanner
It is accessible as a Windows app. This scanner is simple and easy to use web app security scanner. It is
based on the advanced Proof vulnerability scanning technological innovation. It has built-in report tools
along with access testing.
b) Netsparker Cloud Scanner

It is a multiuser online web app security scanner. The Cloud version of Netsparker utilizes the
exceptional Proof-Based Scanning Technological innovation. It incorporates the workflow tools of the
enterprise to assist the enterprises in managing and scanning their sites.

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3) Nessus

It is an ideal remote scanning security tool. It can scan the computer and sends an alert in case of
Alerts are sent when the hackers are trying to gain access to the computer network you are connected
with. It is a scanner which is developed by the Tenable Network Security. For personal use, Nessus is
available for free in the non-enterprise environment. With the passage of time, new technological
amendments have been made in it due to which it got high ranking in the popular vulnerability scanners.
It can call Hydra to start the dictionary attack. This security scanner enables the scans for diverse
vulnerability types. These types are mentioned below:
• Vulnerabilities that enable the remote malicious hacker to manage and access the confidential data
of the computer system.
• Misconfiguration like the missing patches, open mail relay and so forth.
• Denials of the service next to the TCP/IP stack by making use of the malformed packets.
• Grounding for the PCI DSS audits.
• Default, black, absent and common passwords on the same computer system accounts.

4) OpenVAS

It is a system that incorporates diverse services and tools. It is a powerful scanner that can scan, manage
and control all vulnerabilities. It is a part of Greenbone Network’s vulnerability handling solution from
which the advancements are added to the Open Source community.
You or OpenVAS can say Open Vulnerability Assessment System is not just useful for the individuals but
enterprises as well. It is neither so expensive nor so cheap.

openvas-computer scanner

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