10 Best Chrome Extensions and Apps for Smart Marketers


Premium, Freemium, tools help to get started and advance your business.

There are reviews and various lists on the internet market to help you to pick the best business solution.

Handy tools always help us to manage our daily routine. That’s why; Google Chrome extensions and apps come in.

Great Chrome Extensions and Apps for Marketers

Google Chrome is the most popular browser worldwide, and expectedly offers a very rich collection of free and paid extensions and apps.

You can check Chrome Store where everything is available. Too many apps and extensions will make your browser loaded and may conflict with certain websites or to each other.
So, be reasonable.

Content Marketing Apps And Extensions

1. Inbox by Gmail


Inbox by Gmail app is designed by Google team.

It saves links and content as you find on the web. This app will remember, and you can return later, or simply share them with one click.

it stores every saved link directly into your mailbox. By this, you will have one tab less to open. The app is totally free, but you will need Gmail account to use it.

Pricing: Free.

2. Grammarly Chrome Extension


Grammarly extension is a rockstar for proofreading your content.

It has been praised by top marketing experts and amateurs.

Grammarly is the cloud-based service for proofreading. You can upload content to their site and get a detailed report for each text.

The Grammarly Chrome extension can do more for you. It will check you all tweets before posting at twitter timeline, correct spelling in the emails, find typos when writing comments on any posts, etc. You don’t need copy & paste texts for proofreading. This extension will do it automatically when you install it and it’s very helpful.

Pricing: Grammarly has a free and a paid version ($29.95/month).

3. Check My Links


Check My Links is a very important tool for every content marketer.

Whenever you edit any piece of content, the tool will first scan your text & then reveal all broken links.

When you wanted to refurbish or edit your old content, this tool will help you. It will highlight all working links with green and red. Green is for working links and red for broken links. It’s totally free to use.

Pricing: Free.

Email Marketing Apps And Extensions

4. Email Tracker


This Email Tracker extension will track emails you send and then notifies you whenever they are viewed.

You can get a report for all messages. This app will tell you who opened your messages, how much time your recipient spent on messages, and how many times it viewed.

Pricing: free and paid Versions ($48/year).

5. Email Hunter

email hunter

Email Hunter is also a powerful extension for successful email marketing campaigns.

This tool will pull email addresses from any website you searched or viewed. It scans all pages to find available contact details and returns a list of email addresses and names.

By Using Email Hunter, you don’t have to waste your time for looking contacts. Email Hunter will scrapes website during your browsing it!

Pricing: Free and Paid. Free – 150 requests/month. Paid – $39/month (1,000 requests) starts

Check out Email Hunter

SEO Apps And Extensions

6. Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights extension or app will analyze the performance of web pages and return you a “PageSpeed Insights score”.

It will provide you with links of the Insights Developer Console if you wanted to get more stats and see the recommendations by the Extension. As a result, do make necessary changes to boost your website speed.

Pricing: Free.
Check out Google PageSpeed Insights

7. Majestic Backlink Analyzer


Majestic Backlink Analyzer scans all your web pages and gives you details of page strength based on backlink data.

Majestic check pages by Trust Flow™ and Citation Flow™. It has its own score for checking WebPages.

Extension delivers scores directly in the toolbar. You can get URLs number linking to any page.
Pricing: free and a paid version, (starts at $49.99/quarterly).

Check out Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Social Media Marketing  Extensions and Apps

8. Buffer


This is a popular Chrome extension and app designed by Buffer social media management platform. Buffer allows sharing any web content to multiple social media accounts at once.

It is free, but you have to set up your Buffer account.

Pricing: free and a paid version (starts at $10/month).
Check out Buffer

9. Sniply


Sniply will allow you to create call-to-action with a text related to your brand.

You can embed into content pages and links share on social networks. As a result, you will advertise yourself while sharing other’s content.

Pricing: free and a paid version (starts at $29/month).
Check out Sniply

Productivity Apps And Extensions

10. OneTab


OneTab will help you to clear your browser window whenever you have opened too many tabs.

OneTab will collect all active tabs and then save them into a list of a single tab. You can also restore them later when needed.

Pricing: Free.
Check out OneTab

11. Bookmark Manager


Bookmark Manager Extension created by the Google to help organize and manage all of your saved pages.

You can sort, edit, and work with your bookmarks in many ways. Search them, change their names, create and manage folders. Save your bookmarks in one click.

Pricing: Free.
Check out Bookmark Manager

BONUS: Extension Manager


You can install every single extension mentioned in this article.

And what if you wanted to install even more?

Then you have to need an extension manager to help you with organizing and manage these Chrome extensions.

Extension Manager will display all of them in a single popup window. You can disable, enable, and uninstall extensions all with ease.

Pricing: Free.
Check out Extension Manager

The Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps For Internet Marketers

It is a list of Chrome extensions and app that we use daily. They are extremely helpful.

By using these, I become more efficient, more focused and more productive.

What Chrome extensions and apps do when you use on a regular basis? And what else should be added to this list? Let me know in comments below!

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