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Top 10 Blogging Ways To Make Money Online In 2017

Blogging Ways To Make Money Online is one of most profitable online business that you can do in 2017. There are many bloggers who already make millions of dollars through this blogging. In 2017, we can’t say every blogging niche is profitable. we will  learn today how to make money online, it will solve all your questions

how does a blogger actually earn money

So what all are best Blogging Ways To Make Money Online In 2017?

Let’s have a look. 

1. Home Decor

Home decor is now trending blogging niche. Everyone is keener about decorating their homes. If you have knowledge and interest in home decor, you can also start your own home decor blogs. Home Decor blog like Curbly has millions visitors per month. Another example of a high traffic home blog is (having more than 1.4 million unique visits in a month).

How to make money with home decor blog?

  • Amazon affiliates– Amazon associates is good method to make money from home decor blogs. You can promote/sell various home decors product like shelving, kitchenware, Units and bedroom/bathroom products etc
  • Sponsored Posts – You can also allow sponsored ads/posts in your home decor blogs and can charge per post or ad

2. Niche Travel Blog

When it came to 2017, people have become passionate travelers. With online revolution in travel business, more people listen to the travel blogs and the stories before their trips. Starting a niche travel blog will be fantastic blogging ideas to make a deal of money.

How to make money from travel blogging idea

  • Lead selling – You can sell travel leads to travel/tour operators. People who read your travel travel/guide story might be interested in a travel (to place you are referring in blog) as well. You can also get their leads and sell it (or if you have infrastructure, you can also be travel operator).
  • Selling travel guidesLonely planet is a best example of making money from selling travel books to their readers.

3. Recipes Blog

Starting food blog has become a great scope. If you are cooking expert, you can share your secrets recipe with videos/photographs through your own blog. Pinterest is also a medium to advertise your recipe blogs.

Lindsay Ostrom of pinchofyum is also a good example. She is earning more than $25,000 in a month from her recipe blogs.

How to make money from recipe blog

  • By selling your recipes eBook- Write eBooks for all your master class recipes, sell it to your readers.
  • By promoting food brands through your blogs (sponsored posts, ads).

4. Fashion Blog

Fashion blog is the most favorite blogging niche in women. You know, which woman does not love fashion? In 2017, many fashion brands depend on many fashion blogs for their branding. This makes fashion blogging, a best niche for those who are already interested in starting a blog.

How can you make money with fashion blog

  • Sponsored posts – Majority of income of fashion bloggers came from that sponsored posts. If you have established a fashion blog with some amount of followers to your social media/blogs you can approach brands like instagram and they will definitely gave you money for the sponsoring their posts. I’ve already seen a many brands offering $800 for their single sponsored posts.
  • Affiliates- You can also use amazon associates for promoting fashion apparels on your blog and can earn commissions from between 6-8 percent. Another a good affiliate marketing program for fashion bloggers is a Reward style. They offer average commission rate from 10% and this vary as per brands you will get 50$, if someone got purchase of 500$.
  • Pay per Click (PPC) program –Shopstyle has a pay per click programs that exclusively for the fashion bloggers. You can showcase their products in blogs and you will be paid per clicks at products. The Good thing is that for PPC programs, you will be paid, even if customer doesn’t make any purchase.
5. Language Learning Blog

By language learning blog and I am not saying about only English, Think about other languages. Write tutorials and guides in the English about any foreign languages. Now world is becoming a smaller place and People are learning new languages, migrating from one place to another. If you are good in particular language, then start your blog and write some tutorials for language.

How to make money with Language learning blogging idea.

  • Sell eBooks – Write some guides about language, you are teaching for (e.g.: A complete guide to Spanish language). Sell this eBook for a small price like from $10-$20 to your Blog readers.
  • Affiliates – Advertise 3rd party language learning books and the earn affiliate commissions.
  • Online Courses – Start an online course and educate your Blog readers (oh yes, earn good money as well!).
6. Virtual Reality Blogs

Virtual reality is hot topic of 2017 that gained massive popularity. You can start virtual reality blog with great quality content about the virtual reality such as latest trends in VR, reviewing VR products and exciting VR videos.

How to make money from Virtual Reality blogging idea

  • Amazon affiliates – Advertise or Promote VR products from your blog, earn about 6 percent commissions from Amazon Affiliates.
  • Amazon FBA- There is many products (subsidiary products as well) in VR niche. You can also start FBA businesses through the Amazon and drive audience from your blog to the Amazon and make a good deal of money. Now many bloggers earn millions of dollars from Amazon FBA.
7. Social Media Marketing

Social media is now booming industry. Face book, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and all are grown beyond just the social media Networking sites but solid business makers. Many larger brands depend on the social media traffic to build their brands. Many companies have dedicated their in-house team to manage social media pages and groups. In 2017, you can see social media became important for every business sectors, Real Estate Companies, models, celebrities, food brands, IT companies and the list goes on.

Social media blogs does have great relevance in whole industry. Everyone is looking for latest social media tips and techniques to build online business and if you are social media expert, share latest social media experiments as videos, case studies etc through your blog.

How to make money from social media blog

There are various methods from which you can make money from social media blogs.

  • Paid brand promotions- You can advertise or promote various brands through your blogs.
  • Selling or being affiliates to various social media tools like Social Media Examiner and Everypost,
  • Selling online webinars courses about social media promotions
  • Public speaking- If you are good speaker, you can sell your speaking skills in the form of videos for money.Like Dale Partridge, a serial blogger/entrepreneur says, he made $20,000 in one month from public speaking leads he earn from his blog.
8. Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce industry shows no signs of declination. We all know that, an e-commerce industry having high boom time period right now. Turnover of e-commerce giants is growing day by day. Many small scales niche ecommerce businesses are gaining million dollar profits from this ecommerce industry. E-commerce in the US gained 14.7% growth in 2015. sales volume in 2016 (worldwide) got 1922 Billion and now expected to touch 2356 Billion in 2018.

How to make money with ecommerce blog

  • Services- Helping some people to setup their own ecommerce blog or website.
  • Ecommerce affiliates- You can also promote ecommerce affiliates likeMagento, shopify, bigcommerce etc and earn money. You can also advertise or promote bluehost affiliates from which you can get $65 per signups.
  • Ecommerce Advertisements- You can also promote other ecommerce websites or portals and make some good money.
9. Jobs

Jobs are the evergreen niche. Everyone is looking for good jobs all the time. A good job listing blogs have space, it is a niche where you can attract lots of visitors to your blog. Many massive jobs listing sites like Freshersworld started as simple job listing blog.

How to make money with Jobs blogging idea

  • Premium job listing- Once you have established your brands, then you can charge from employers for premium job listings.
10. IOT

Internet of Things has emerged out as good blogging idea. Business opportunities in IOT are happening, there by more and more readers going keen interest in this niche.

Every upcoming technology trends demand good tutorials and guides. Internet of things is similar trending technology where everyone can’t find good guides/sources over the internet. The write some good guides in internet of things and sell it through your blog.

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