10 Best iOS Apps for Business

Best iOS Apps for Business. Your work hard running your own business, so why not let iOS device do some of your heavy lifting? With right Apps, your iPad and iPhone can help you to take notes, update your calendar dates and even– balance Books. Here are our top picks.

Office productivity

Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint (Free)

best iphone apps for business cards

Don’t confuse with these apps with old, limited Office Mobile app that was intended to let you to make basic edits to spreadsheets, documents and presentations on the iPad or iPhone. Instead, these are full-fledged cell phone versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word. All of these apps are jam-packed with the advanced editing and formatting features, although they do not include options as desktop versions. They are beautifully optimized and designed, with easy-to-tap buttons. Unfortunately, they only work for iPhone and iPads users and should stick to Apple’s own iWork suites (that includes numbers, keynote).


Outlook (Free)

outlook iphone app calendar

The Microsoft’s new best business mail app for iphone users is packed with the perks for business users, especially if you are using Outlook to manage inbox at office. Outlook for the iOS users are fully integrated with the desktop Outlook calendar dates, so you can accept and send meeting invitation via your email and then receive any alerts when it’s time for the meeting. You can access your full calendar right from app to review the appointments and schedule new ones. Definitely you will like app’s Focused Inbox features that intelligently sort your emails to keep important email messages at the forefront.

Note taking

OneNote (Free)

OneNote best business management apps for iphone

Microsoft’s OneNote app for the iOS is great pick for the workers and best business diary app for iphone. since this app integrates natively with desktop version of the Microsoft Office. Everything punched into OneNote app is synced automatically across the Microsoft’s cloud storage platforms, so you can get your notes using OneNote app at any desktop computers. What makes that setup extra convenient is that, OneNote came pre-loaded on every Windows 10 system out there. The app is just well-designed and balancing powerful feature with easy-to-use interfaces.

Cloud storage

OneDrive (Free)

onedrive iphone app

There are plenty of good cloud storage platforms in the market for iOS, but OneDrive is top picked for the business users and thanks to its tight integration with the Windows. This app lets you to access your files from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone, including your docs saved to Microsoft Office account. PC users do not have to download extra apps to keep system working; just drag your files into OneDrive folder from your PC, and they will be backed up to your Cloud automatically. Like other cloud storage systems, from this app, you can recover your deleted files and then revert to old saved versions; this gave you little peace of mind.

Contact management

CamCard (99 cents)

camcard business card reader iphone app

Even in our digital age, swapping your business cards is still one of best networking software for the Entrepreneurs. But that cards are very easy to lose, manually inputting all your contact information from address book is time-consuming chores. Thankfully, best iphone app for business card scanner can automate all process. Just point your iPad or iPhone camera at the business card and then snap a photo. CamCard’s text-recognition tool will extract the key details like address, contact information and names, and then update address book automatically.

Remote meetings

GoToMeeting (Free)

gotomeeting iphone app

GoToMeeting is the solid video conferencing best business plan app for iphone with a good option for the business users. For starters, this app lets you to host virtual meetings with up to 24 attendees joining remotely just about any Web-connected devices. With its built-in invitation systems, this best business organizer app for iphone can also streamline all process of scheduling meetings. App has handy features like speaker identifications, so you every time knows who’s talking in the crowded meeting. You can also share your screens with few taps, which is a great for the remote presentations. You can also share your mouse and keyboard controls with other attendee to team up on a project from anywhere. 

Access your work PC

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

microsoft remote desktop iphone app

Your work PC is everything just you need for productive days, including your files, documents and programs. But what if you can’t reach to the office? This good remote desktop application like the Microsoft Remote Desktop can be lifesaver in those situations. App works like direct portals back to desktop computer, allowing you virtually view your own Windows desktop, and even control remotely your Windows programs from your iPad or iPhone. Using app is very simple as installing the client applications at your workstation, so it will be a mirror your desktop on screen of your cell phone devices.

Payment processing

Square Register (Free)

square register iphone app

What if your own small business could allow credit cards and did not need lot of special equipment to do it? That is the idea behind the Square Register, mobile payment apps that allow you to process customer payments by using your iPad or iPhone. Once sign up, you can ask to receive your credit card reader dongle in mail. Plug accessory into a headphone jack on your cell phone device, and then swipe your credit card to accept payments from anywhere. Square takes cut of each payment. But face it: If business does not accept credit card, you are losing out business.


FreshBooks (Free download with FreshBooks subscriptions, starting from $20/month)

freshbooks iphone app

FreshBooks is full-featured cell phone accounting app with a solid cloud integrations and easy-to-use interfaces. Most important, app lets you track and record all your business’s profits and expenses. There’s extra functionality in the app, like feature to track, how long your employee or you spend on the project for the easier invoices generation. Like any good accounting tools, FreshBooks will help you to file your taxes.


Microsoft Teams (Free)

microsoft teams iphone app

This app for those who rely at Office 365 for their businesses, the Microsoft’s new chat-based workspace teams do a collaboration as easy as Slack ever was. Offers shared conversation spaces where you can share your documents. It also supports audio calls from video sources and mobile. Stickers and emojis can apply various bots to aid you to get more work done. And Admins can also control who has access. 

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