Best 15 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular

Blogging with purpose increase market share, revenue growth, consumer engagement, and ROI, you want to do that.

Best 15 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular
just look at this:

Blogging Ideas

But lots of people are still stuck on the fundamental questions:

What do we blog about?

For the brands, a question is very easy enough to answer.

You have to understand: 1) what you are selling, 2) to whom you want to sell 3) and what blog topics are relevant for both.
For organizations or individuals who want to start their blog to monetize, the question can be a bit trickier. lets discus some Blogging Ideas that are very helpful


1. Listicles

blog post ideas
Marketers have a hate/love relationship with the listicles.

They are among most popular articles online, used by defended by the NY Times, Buzzfeed and even discussed at this year’s SXSW tech conference.

Some marketers think listicles lack quality. that could be true for some of them. And Listicles, like any form of content marketing strategy, have their pros and cons.

People love to read listicles and It’s scientifically proven!

That is why the article you are reading now is a listicle.

2. How-tos

Generally, People hate reading instructions manuals.

And How do people figure out how to do the good stuff?

They Google it.

WikiHow became popular based on how-to amazing articles alone.

how to articles

You might be very surprised to see which kind of things people are Googling there.

If you can find your niche viewers or audience, provide to their curiosities, and gave them some helpful answers, you cannot help but create some popular blog.

3. Politics

Politics are very popular during the every year in the election. Whether local or national, find any political topic to discuss, and then join this conversation.

Politics can be chancy, however. Some blogs and some People tend to get really polarized about political topics, so if you want to be popular, be prepared to handle controversy.

4. Bacon

Everyone loves bacon.
Huffington Posts are most popular blogs online, and they have an entire archive of the bacon articles.

bacon articles


It is not trending going away soon, so get on the board.

5. Recipes

The Recipes are the great way to attract traffic to your blog.

There is always a new diet; there are always new recipes to be discovered.

6. Beginner guides

Beginner guides, before you are going to convince someone, you must know the advanced stuff, start with the 101 beginner guides.

Beginner guides

Everyone has to start somewhere. These guides are helpful to bloggers to build organic search traffic in the start, and they can even get traffic by using infographics like this guide to Sharepoint.


guide to Sharepoint

8. Frequently asked questions


Be warned that the posting answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) online won’t stop the people from asking anyway.

They do, however, serve as resources for the people, and are often featured on e-commerce sites—but overlooked on the blogs. FAQs are the blogging gold in any age.

Google’s algorithm use FAQs, and other popular topics as a part of its Knowledge Graph searches. If you are lucky, you can get a top spot in that coveted place.


Frequently asked questions

9. Interviews

Whether the interviews with your team people or from the other companies in the industry, set up interviews on sites like or other popular websites to gain valuable knowledge from their professional.

11. Charity and activism

Any type of the charitable events, activism or actions you support should be the blog about.

Crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, KickStarter and like the appeal for the good in, and showing that you are active in such communities can build your readership.

12. People features

Featuring the select people—customers, authorities, leaders, professionals, etc.,—is a great idea or way to add personality to your blog and this create a sense of connection.

And One of the popular blogs doing this way is Humans of New York.


People features

Occasionally featuring real persons—including their quotes, their personal information and photos,—is the great way to get strong engagement with your audience.

13. Product reviews

Not only the product reviews trusted resource at online that will make traffic, but they are also the revenue streams for the bloggers.

And If you want to monetize your own or customer blog instantly, then this is a smart move.

By linking the product pages from affiliate links like Amazon Affiliates, you can also monetize blog almost entirely on a product reviews. Make sure you go in your niche since that provides the greatest platforms for expertise and credibility.

14. Sourced news

Great way to get media attentions to your blog is to report on any type of the sourced news.

With the right type of selection, commentary, and curation. that is a niche you can dominate and can get traffic.

15. Gifs and memes

It wasn’t just the listicles that made the Buzzfeed so popular.

Gifs and Memes are widely used on sites too.

Gifs gave to people the experience of any video and usually provides a ton of entertainment.

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