Top 10 Android Productivity Apps to Make You More Efficient

There were days when the mobiles phones used to only texting and calls but now they have become more our personal assistant. These days Most of us are using androids as Smartphone but few of them know with the fact that to improveandroid productivity apps their productivity these smartphones can also help them.

Today I am sharing with you Android App Review of Best Android Apps which can work with efficiency and boost your productivity. On the internet, you can get hundreds of apps for androids Smartphone, Free Android Apps Download but it will make you confused, so I have selected top10 free Android Productivity Apps for your Android Smartphone and listed them down here.

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1) Google Drive

google drive

Google drive is one of the top productivity apps for your androids. These apps for android are the very safe place for your files, so you can easily save your files and make them safe. It’s a cloud storage app where you can store any kind of files and also share them with your family, friends, and others. You can also upload files like your photos, documents, videos, and others. Once you upload your files and easily search files by naming and contents and set security access for who can comment, view and edit your files.

2) OfficeSuite


OfficeSuite is your online office. In this app, you can easily view, create, and edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents. Where You can easily manage your files with most popular features on your Androids. Before using this app you have to create your profile and save you all app settings and can easily personalize across your devices. This app has complete compatibility with the Microsoft formats including doc, docs, Xls, ppt, and other file formats.

3) Microsoft Apps

microsoft apps

Microsoft Apps are very popular and amazing productivity apps for all android users in the android market. You can easily manage and use these apps on your android devices. Microsoft Apps offers across all categories like Education, Entertainment, Communication, News, and Productivity. You can use any of listed Categories on your Smartphone Devices. You can also browse Microsoft all apps by the category and names. One of the best features of apps is the OneDrive where you can easily upload your any files and make them safe & secure.

4) Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is one of best translator app for all Smartphone users android app store, with this app; you can translate any word into your native language. In this app, you can find more than 100 free languages and you can translate any word according to your right language. In this productivity app for Android, you can find the two-way instant speeches translation in more than 32 languages. You can also take a snapshot, upload it and translate this in your native language.

5) Brain Focus Productivity Timer


Brain Focus is a time-management app in app store android, will help you to get things done. With this app, you can track your time by a task. You can also configure your different settings per task. In this app, There are resume and pause sessions by which you can adjust your work time and add time if you need to work sessions. You can also skip breaks or the end of a session. This App contains multiple themes, according to your interest using any of them. It also supports more than 30 languages.

6) Evernote


Evernote is most popular productivity apps for android users. This is the top android apps in Google app store. In this app, you can easily write, capture and collect ideas searchable notes, checklists, notebooks and to-dos. With Evernote create your notes in different formats as text, photos, sketches, video, audio, web clippings, PDFs, and more. You can also easily attach Microsoft Office docs, photos and PDFs. It gave sync features, so you can sync everything automatically from your computer, tablet or phone.

7) ClearFocus


ClearFocus is another time-management app for all android users, which makes you more productive. This app is more useful app for those who wasting their time on distractions instead of focusing on what really matters. ClearFocus has an amazing user interface design and easy to use for all users. It comes with customizable settings that you can set to fit your style.

8) Slack


Slack is a best free team chat productivity apps for any android users. With this app, you can easily communicate with your team and collaborate into one place and work done. Slack app is available for all android devices, so you can easily use slack app and manage your office and friend team and their work, whether you are at your office or at your home. You can share and edit your documents and team up with right people all in one SlackApp.

9) AirDroid


Airdroid App allows you to access your android Smartphone on your laptop or computer. You can easily handle your all Android phones or tablets from the Web, Mac or Windows wirelessly for free. After using this app all SMS, your calls and app notifications that you allowed, mirrored to large computer screen. You can easily backup your all videos and photos from cell phone to computer and also share clipboard between your phone and computer.

10) Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner

Schedule planner is a simple and practical task planning free android productivity apps. You can create new task in a few simple steps. Schedule planner App allows user to change and edit their individual tasks or batch editing multiple tasks. There are also some flexible set of categories like health, work and meals for some busy persons. All Tasks can be planned in advance and viewed them day-by-day via practical graphic calendar or the list view.


Productivity free apps make androids Smartphone as your personal assistant. These free android apps let you to become more efficient and productive. Best Android apps of 2017 will help you to arranging and maintaining your schedule and reports, so you can easily work on more important things in your life. Free apps for android are growing with number of android users. Now Companies are trying best to keep on adding top features to their apps. Simply go to play store apps or android market and download apps for android. Now I hope you will become more productive with above listed productive apps for android.

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