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Amazon Web Services – For Faster VR, AR & 3D DevelopmentThis week, Amazon web services have announced VR & AR 3D Application. It is actually a new web-based platform that can be used to by the developers to rapidly design as well as deploy the virtual reality, 3D and augmented reality applications without using any other complicated program or tool.

The platform enables the developers to develop realistic virtual reality, 3D and augmented reality environments as well as make animated characters in them along with 3D objects. The developers can also make scripts to evaluate how they will interact with the users of the specific application as well as with one another.

Upload Assets

Sumerian is good to go with the web browsers, head-mounted displays, digital signage as well as mobile devices. It is a platform that would run in the browser of all types because it supports the WebGL or WebVR graphics.

It also supports HTC Vibe, Daydream, and iOS mobiles. Users in the industries view the potential of the AR and VR technologies for a huge variety of uses. However, these users are overwhelmed and besieged by the open investment in the particular tools and skills needed to start making any augmented reality or virtual reality app.

To use Sumerian, the users just need to log on to the Amazon Web Services Management Console. They do not have to install any software or pay upfront costs.

The users will have to pay for the storage that is needed for the 3D assets. Not only that, they have to pay for the traffic volume made to access VR scenes developed on the platform.

The developers can make use of the Sumerian editor to drop and drag the 3D objects. These 3D objects include the landscapes, characters or workplace environments, for example, the buildings as well as furnishings.

They would have to select from the library of the premade objects, make their specific objects or download the objects from the 3rd party asset repositories, for example, the Turbosquid or Sketchpad.

Upload Assets -Amazon Web ServicesThe animated characters can be made as guides through a scene by answering the queries or described scripts. Sumerian is incorporated with the Amazon Lex along with Amazon Polly, enabling the use of the voice recognition, text-to-speech as well as comprehending natural language.

Amazon Sumerian-Make a Host

The Mapbox can be used along with Amazon Sumerian to assist in bringing location services to the virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Mapbox is the location provider for the Unity. It simply implies that developers can add the location data to the apps of Unity.

Easy to Adopt

Easy to Adopt -Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Sumerian would assist the developers in overcoming a lot of obstacles in the VR/AR development like the lack of acquaintance with the 3D design along with the restricted number of templates for creating experiences.

The Sumerian is capable enough to overcome the obstacles with scalable and simple tools that need some degree of programming information. The individuals who will use Sumerian can bring about the Amazon Web Services Artificial Intelligence tools into play, for instance, making use of the natural language processing to make a sound interface.

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