Make Money Online

5 Real Ways to Make Money Online

5 Real Ways to Make Money Online

There are many legitimate ways to make money online and Most of them require dedication and a lot of work. If you really want to earn money online, from home or for business purposes, you can do it.

5 Actual Ways to Make Money Online

Now, I am going to reveal about some real legitimate ways to make money online. Many of these options are real jobs and real work that requires hours if you want to get paid. Here are some amazing tips for actually getting a good job:

1.  Websites That Pay

There are many kinds of websites that pay you for the various things, such as taking surveys or testing products, shopping. They are good for earning extra cash.

Here are some legitimate websites that will pay:

  1. Swagbucks– Swagbucks website is good for earning some extra cash. To use their search engine, You can do many things to make money online. You will earn a few bucks, but You won’t get rich,
  2. User Testing– this website will pay you $10 for a popup for testing websites. And a test normally takes from 15-20 minutes. The purpose is for this website owner to watch someone their site, who is new to their website and try to navigate it.
  3. Fiverr– Fiverr is a good place for making few bucks or spend a few bucks. If you want some services people are offering there. Basically, at Fiverr everything is for $5. You either pay for $5 or charge for $5. They call this “gigs.” You can offer your services. If you sell your art and you are fine with selling pieces for $5 each, that is a gig.

2.  Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best popular ways to make money online. Many successful freelancers can earn average 50 cents to one dollar per word. And Some are earning twice that!

If you are interested in writing, It takes your time and dedication, let’s talk about how to earn money online with it.

  1. Listverse– Listverse is paying $100 for each accepted posts. The article must be in the list format, and you must include at least 10 things, and at least 1,500 words.
  2. TopTenz– TopTenz is paying $50 for each accepted posts. Again, your article has to be in list format and must be at least 1,500 words, with some exceptions. They publish often so chances of getting accepted your article are fairly high.
  3. International Living– International Living are paying $75 for each accepted posts. It is more about your travel experience than your writing ability. They mostly look for your travel experiences visited countries.
  4. iWriter– iWriter are paying $15 for each accepted posts. This seems small, but they are not strict as many of others above and iWriter also allow you to pick topic what you want. You can write for them as many or as few articles as you need.

3.  Sell Your Stuff

There are still many ways to earn money by selling online, whether you are selling like a store or buying. Here are a few sites where you can buy or sell something that they are offering.

  1. Amazon– Have you heard of the FBA? It stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon” and it’s becoming pretty popular. Basically, you buy products and ship them to the Amazon stores. When someone buys your products, Amazon ships them out and sends you money (after taking their own cut). There are some people making a full-time living from this FBA, and making money online.
  2. eBay– You can start an eBay store and sell your products. It’s a popular way to earn money online and If you have decided to start an actual eBay store, that will store & ship product straight to your customer, so you don’t have worry to deal with an inventory.
  3. Facebook– Facebook swap shops are good for selling things locally. It is like the CraigsList, but it’s very easy. Simply search for swap shops in your area and then ask to join that group. Once you are in, simply take pictures of your items, write a description with price and post them.
4.  Blogging

Blogging requires patience, discipline, and persistence. It means writing daily for over a year before you really begin to see money from it. And it takes one or two years to build your blog, before making a serious amount of money.

Here are the major ways to monetize your blog and to start earning:

  1. Affiliates– There are so many affiliate networks, such as CJ Affiliate and  FlexOffers that allow you to advertise other people’s services and products. Simply, put a banner or a link on your page or website and then you will get a percentage if someone clicks on that link or banner and buys that product/service. That is the effective way to earn money online if you attract the traffic to your blog.
  1. Products– You can create your product, like the ebook or any computer software. Then you can use your blog as a promotion or advertising tool for traffic to buy your products.
  2. Services– You can offer your paid service, like blog coaching, goal setting, financial planning or life coaching. By services like this, you are basically using your own blog to sell yourself and services.
  3. Sponsored/paid posts– Many blogs publish paid posts and sponsored posts and banners. Sponsored posts are just any posts about products and services or specific brand. A company or any person will pay you for publishing their articles to your blog.
  4. Videos–Many people are making money by creating YouTube videos for themselves or for others. And It’s not an easy way to get views, but once you attract the traffic, you will start seeing the cash come in.
5.  Work-at-Home Companies

Finally, there are companies that will hire you to work from home in your own comfort. If you are interested in working for someone, at your own time and schedule, then here are some companies that can hire you:

  1. CrowdSource – The CrowdSource offers different types of jobs from micro task jobs to larger for writing and editing. Now You decide how much you can work right on your computer.
  2. Demand Studios – Demand Studios are always hiring all kinds of creative professionals, from filmmaker to the writer. They pay isn’t amazing, but it’s a good for a work-at-home job.
  3. Fast Chart – Fast Chart allows you to work at home as the medical transcriptionist. There are some qualifications and requirements listed on their page, but if you meet their requirements, you can make competitive pay for 
  4. Leap Force – Leap Force is a way that the Google rates the websites for search engine rankings. If you are hired, you can earn decent money (normally over $11/hour), you can set your own schedule and this can be very pretty fun to view & rank websites.
  5. SpeakWrite – This website can pay you up to $15/hour for transcribing the   You can set your own schedule and work at home.

Now you have got different options to start making money online. If you saw anything which really interests you, try it and learn more about that. If you really want to earn a full-time income online, you need to be dedicated. There are many free resources out there. You have to search for them!

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